All Readers

  • Prepare your reading ahead of time.  A pronunciation guide is available if needed.
  • Review your reading when you arrive at church
  • To help in the crowded sacristy, use the area set aside for lectors to prepare
  • When you arrive make sure sound system is on
  • Be sure gold stand is on altar for the Gospel Book
  • Be aware of the songs you will be announcing
  • Ask the priest if there is anything you need to know about this Sunday’s Mass

Reader One

  • Read over the introduction and announcements
  • Confirm that the Responsorial Psalm will be sung.  If not, prepare to read that as well.
  • To begin Mass, move to the microphone near the piano, make sure it is on, do the opening and announce the opening hymn.
  • After the opening prayer, proceed to the ambo for the reading
  • At the end of the reading, pause slightly and then say, The Word of the Lord
  • Return to your pew
  • After the Prayer after Communion, approach the microphone near the piano and read the announcements.
  • After the Blessing and Dismissal announce the final hymn
  • After Mass return the Gospel Book and announcement folder to the sacristy

 Reader Two

  • Review the petitions before Mass
  • Process behind the servers, holding the Gospel Book high.
  • Upon reaching the sanctuary, proceed immediately to the altar and place the Gospel Book in the stand.
  • Return to the bottom step and genuflect with the priest before going to your pew.
  • After the Responsorial Psalm is completed walk to the ambo and begin the 2nd reading.
  • At the end of the Creed, move to the microphone by the piano and lead the petitions.  Wait for the priest’s introduction at the beginning and remain through the concluding prayer
  • After Mass return the lectionary and the petition folder to the sacristy

 When a deacon is present

  • The deacon will process with the Gospel book.  You may sit with your family.
  • The deacon will lead the petitions.

Some Tips

  • Read slowly and clearly, letting the words come in a natural rhythm
  • Don’t forget to breath
  • As you prepare the reading, consider what style of writing it is and how you might translate that into your proclamation
  • Dress appropriately
  • As you walk in front of the altar, gently bow and then proceed to your place.

The proclamation of the Word of God is one of the two major elements of the Mass.  As Catholics, we believe that one of the ways that Christ is present to us is in the Word that is proclaimed.  As a reader you will be bringing Christ to the assembly.  To do this it is important that we spend time with God’s Word, not only in our preparation but in our life of prayer as well.