Exterior of Church

Sacred Heart Church

The first church was built in the same location where our present church stands. It was built under the direction of Rev. George Keller at the cost of $2,600. It was dedicated on Christmas Day, 1868. The church was destroyed by fire in 1901 and rebuilt in 1902 under the direction of Rev. John Pivo at a cost of approximately $20,000. In 1922, the church was again destroyed by fire. Rebuilt utilizing the foundation from 1902, Sacred Heart was reconstructed, appearing as it does today.

In 1968, under the direction of Rev. Leonard Clasen, the Narthex was added to the west side of the church. This new gathering space held the confessionals, baptistery, and entrance to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. It was at this same time that seating was angled on the sides of church, as well as the additional entrances added. Air conditioning was installed in 1983. In 1985 the two-floor clubhouse was replaced by the current Parish Center and expanded Narthex.

In recent years, an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was enshrined in the Narthex in recognition of our growing Hispanic population, the Reconciliation Room was renovated, and the church interior was repainted and new lighting fixtures were added. Most recently, new carpet has been installed in the Narthex and the Parish Center. Soon we’ll begin work on new offices and more meeting spaces for our ministries.

Our Pastors
Fr. George Keller 1866-1870
Fr. Clement Scheve 1870-1873
Fr. Laurence Wieseler 1873-1875
Fr. Francis Pribyl 1875-1880
Fr. Walter Raleigh 1880-1885
Fr. Maurice Joy 1885
Fr. John Solnce 1885-1889
Fr. Sigismund Singer 1889-1891
Fr. Patrick Kiernan 1890-1891
Msg. John Pivo 1891-1936
Fr. Francis Paukert 1937
Msg. Edward Kasal 1938-1965
Fr. Leonard Clasen 1965-1969
Fr. John Cody 1969-1977
Fr. Edward Mountain 1977-1985
Fr. Harry Jewison 1985-1994
Fr. Thomas Jennings 1994-1998
Fr. Peter Klein 1998–2008
Fr. John Sauer 2008-present

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