Pastoral Council

The council’s role is to coordinate and unify our parish community.  Its mission is to achieve full participation of the whole parish.  The council helps determine the direction the parish should take.  Everyone is invited to attend the monthly meetings, which are held the third Tuesday of each month, September through June, usually at 6:50 PM. Notices of upcoming meetings are published in the bulletin and the parish calendar.

2016-2017  Members are:

  • Terry Evans (chair)
  • Bill Lawrence (trustee)
  • Tom Soukup (trustee)
  • Tricia Johnson
  • Joe Stiles
  • Reinold Plate


Finance Council

A group of selected adult parishioners give their time to help the pastor in the development and management of parish resources and financial obligations at Sacred Heart.  The Finance Council works with the pastor to develop an annual budget, select and promote fundraising activities within the parish and review parish expenditures to ensure appropriate stewardship and to meet the fiscal needs of Sacred Heart.  Each member can serve up to three, 3-year terms, as appointed by the pastor.

2016-2017 Members are:

  • Dave Effertz (chair)
  • Bill Lawrence (trustee)
  • Tom Soukup (trustee)
  • John Ahlberg
  • Marie Lawrence


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